Кабинет гирудотерапии
доктора Банного

Tianshi Corporation.

During its operation, Tianshi Corporation has developed its concept of restoring health to patients.

      It is based on the concept of Chinese medicine that the human body is a whole and the approach to its recovery combines physical, psychological and emotional recovery to achieve a better quality of life.

       To do this, employees of the corporation are constantly improving the quality of dietary supplements. All drugs have international certificates of the highest degree.

       Treatment (I'm not mistaken, because supplements are not inferior in quality to the best drugs) is designed for a long period, but with a guarantee of better health.

       It is designed for three periods - Purification - Regulation - Recovery. For each period the preparations which qualitatively carry out the functions. This also includes cosmetics and hygiene products, wellness devices, which we use along with the treatment of leeches and hydrogen peroxide.

       In more detail, all drugs and devices are covered in the category - treatment - recovery from Tianshi.


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