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Prevention and treatment of covid with hydrogen peroxide.


The mechanism of the therapeutic effect of hydrogen peroxide when administered intravenously has been described by many authors (W. Douglas, Farr, I. P. Neumyvakin, S. P. Evdokimov and others). I inform skeptics: the first intravenous injection of peroxide was carried out by the French physician Nisten in 1811.

Over the past, since then, it has been proven that with the intravenous administration of hydrogen peroxide, immunity increases sharply, the work of the cardiovascular system improves (peroxide cleans the walls of the vessels from various layers, plaques that narrow the lumen, dilates the vessels).

Hydrogen peroxide cleans the lungs of phlegm, mucus, saturates the blood with oxygen, helps to normalize metabolism, and participates in many biochemical reactions of the body.

One of the main functions of hydrogen peroxide is to destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi that enter the human body. When an infection enters the body, it immediately begins to produce hydrogen peroxide and destroys the infection. Nature itself has endowed our body with such a protective drug. When we additionally introduce hydrogen peroxide into the bloodstream, we greatly increase the body's ability to resist disease.

With covid disease, immunity first of all falls, the pulmonary-respiratory system suffers, as well as the cardiovascular system. The course of the disease is very difficult, saturation falls, the patient suffocates, urgent oxygen therapy is indicated, etc. And here, along with the treatment protocol, intravenous administration of hydrogen peroxide is shown. At the same time, saturation increases, the temperature drops, breathing improves, the lungs are cleansed, and intoxication decreases.

The special value of hydrogen peroxide is that it can serve as a prophylaxis against infection. This makes it possible not to get sick, or to transfer the disease in a mild form, possibly without symptoms.


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