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Why are we sick.


Many people know the proverb "We dig our own grave with a fork and a knife." It did not appear out of nowhere. Almost all diseases arise from improper nutrition, the quality of food, the amount of vitamins and minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, etc. I will give several examples of the occurrence of diseases with a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in food. Alzheimer's disease is caused by a lack of vitamin E. Give the patient higher doses of vitamin E and his memory will improve. To prevent illness, take enough vitamin A throughout your life. In old age, it can be taken in slightly higher doses. Kidney stones arise from a lack of calcium, magnesium and boron in the body. Accordingly, treatment should be aimed at eliminating this deficiency. Often there are problems with blood vessels when veins expand, aneurysms, hemorrhoids occur. The reason for this may be not only heredity, but also copper deficiency. Premature gray hair, skin wrinkling and loss of its elasticity, sagging tissues, circles under the eyes also arise from a deficiency of minerals and vitamins. Selenium deficiency is a common cause of heart disease. Insufficient amounts of chromium and vanadium lead to low blood sugar and subsequent diabetes. Baldness in men, followed by deafness, arises from a deficiency of tin in the body. Boron deficiency in women causes menstrual irregularities, painful menopause. A decrease, or loss of taste and smell, is a sign of decreased zinc levels in the body. The most widely used in the body is calcium, its lack in the body causes about 150 diseases. For the normal functioning of the body, 60 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 fatty amino acids are needed. But now the grown cereals, vegetables, fruits contain an insufficient amount of them to cover the needs of the body. The earth itself is depleted and does not contain them in the required quantities, so there are few of them in products. For this reason, we do not live up to the maximum age of 140-150 years. There is only one way out - a balanced intake of vitamins and minerals in addition to nutrition. But it's not that simple. They must be in natural form in size, in consistency, and withstand other conditions so that the body can use them. Tablet preparations of vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body by only 5 - 12%, in some cases up to 20%. Imagine how many of them you need to take in order to get the amount the body needs. And if you consider fillers that adversely affect the body? But now there is a way out of this impasse. We know the "mysterious" oriental medicine that successfully heals not individual organs, but the body as a whole. These are recipes from five thousand years ago, which were developed for the emperors and high-ranking officials of antiquity. The representative of oriental medicine in our country is the Chinese Tianshi campaign. For the first time in the world, she patented preparations (the so-called dietary supplements) whose assimilation is 98%! These drugs are manufactured in colloidal form using nanotechnology. So far, none of the other manufacturers has achieved this result. Of the 16 drugs offered by the campaign, 13 have been awarded the World Health Organization. For all of its preparations, Tyansha has an International Quality Certificate 180 9002. This is evidence of the high quality of the dietary supplements they produce. More than 20 years of experience with these drugs has proven that people who take them regularly get rid of many diseases, including cancer, live longer and, I would like to emphasize, live a full, active, healthy life. A very important point, these drugs affect not only the physical plane, but also the spiritual, normalizing this plan. Simply put, this is the removal of the "evil eye" and "spoilage", stress, multiple personality disorder, etc., that is, the normalization of the mental state of a person, which Western medicine does not provide.
Considering the experience of oriental medicine, it can be concluded that chronic diseases are treatable. What is important, with the regular use of these products, we prevent the development of many diseases. Now, with the official permission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to provide medical services to our population, we can take advantage of these opportunities.
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