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Visceral massage.

Visceral massage is a massage of the internal organs of the abdomen. With the help of massage of the internal organs of the abdomen, we get rid of many diseases. The causes of the disease are stagnation of blood and lymph in organs, vasospasm, etc. With the help of visceral massage, we eliminate these causes. The procedure is usually painless, but in advanced cases, there may be discomfort. Stagnant phenomena are gradually eliminated, the correct position of the organs in the abdominal cavity is restored, metabolic processes in the body are normalized and functional disorders go away. When exposed to the abdominal organs, many diseases are treatable: chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, dyskinesias, intestinal atony, hemorrhoids, congestion in the small pelvis and lower extremities, etc. The blood and lymph circulation of the abdominal organs is normalized, the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems improves, the course of osteochondrosis is facilitated, etc. With the help of visceral massage, it is possible to prevent the emerging, but not yet manifested diseases of the abdominal organs, their functional disorders, prolapse of organs. Contraindications to visceral massage are oncological diseases, acute diseases, infectious diseases, myelopathy, thrombosis, gangrene. It is advisable to massage on a lean stomach, the number of sessions is individual, depending on the neglect of the disease, the body's response to the impact. Good results are obtained by complex treatment: massage, leeches, the introduction of hydrogen peroxide, they complement and enhance the therapeutic effect of each other. 
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